— the fastest way to create high-end apps or forms.

What is Logifront?
LogiFront is an in-browser, front-end toolbox that you can use to create high-end forms and user-interfaces within minutes - or an application in a couple of hours - with no programming at all.

LogiFront allows you to create any kind of form: surveys, small business applications, order-forms, evaluations, bookings, signup-forms — you decide.

LogiFront was developed specifically to increase the speed, flexibility and simplicity of form and interface creation, both in terms of usability and rendered output. LogiFront only generates the minimum amount of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

And because LogiFront is not dependent on any large frameworks or plug-ins, the client aspect of the application is a mere 25kb - far less than the typical image thumbnail.

LogiFront is fast.
Not only to load and render, but also for developers or super-users wanting to build advanced forms. Combine quick drag-and-drop design with LogiFronts rule-engine to provide complex, yet easy to use, business-logic.

Why invest in Logifront?
Due to the benefits listed above, your customers will be able to:

• Save time and money
• Ensure speed, quality and flexibility whilst adhering to accepted industry standards
• Reduce specialist manpower

We are currently looking for partners or investors to help us bring this product to market.

If you are interested in this business opportunity, or have any further questions, please drop us a line at: